Vietnam Vacation

Vietnam the Hidden Charm


Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and exciting country in Indochina. Vietnam is a long slender country with which it shares borders in the North with China, in the West with Cambodia and Laos. The Eastern side is facing the South China Sea and the Gulf of Tonkin.
For many people Vietnam evokes painful memories like the infamous Hanoi Hilton where American POWs were held, or the decade long Vietnam War. Fortunately Peace has returned for than two decades. Vietnam is now slowly opening up her hidden charm. There are three World Heritage sites in Vietnam. The long coastline has some of the Best white sands virgin Beaches, rugged rocky and untouched pristine forests. The French Colonial presence has left its mark. You can see French Road names, buildings, cuisine and language. It is a culturally rich Country and held on to its traditions despite all obstacles. Buddhism and Confucian ideologies shape every aspect of Vietnamese rituals and practices.

Recommended Places to Explore:

Ban Gioc Waterfall- CCC3.0

Halong Bay | Hanoi | Danang | Ho Chi Minh | My Son Holy Land | Hue | Dalat | Vietcong Tunnels | Hoa Lu | Mekong Delta

Getting there

Getting to Vietnam is relatively easy. There are two major Airports, one in Hanoi and another in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). Flights from North America take more than 16 hours and Tickets costs can be a bit expensive. Vietnam has some of the cheapest cities in the world and resort accommodations can be incredibly reasonable rates depending on time of Year.


Due to its long slender geography and mountainous landscape. Vietnam experiences four seasons in the North. But in the south it is mostly Hot and Humid but torrential rains some times of the year, usually moths of April to September. In the North it does snow on the Mountains.
The language commonly spoken is Vietnamese and occasional French so for the new Visitor can sometimes be frustrating. With a combination of Hand sign and English mostly will suffice to get the message through. Vietnam though is not a shopping paradise. Spend sometime on some of the wonderful Islands she has to offer, like Phu Quoc Island, Cat Ba Island on Halong Bay or take a boat trip round the Mekong Delta.

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