Thailand - An amazing Vacation

Land of a Thousand Smiles


Thailand is an exotic escape that can provide travelers with a variety of different vacation options in Southeast Asia. Whether you're in the mood to soak up a little experience , culture an eco-adventure or just rest and relax, Thailand vacations offer something for everyone. You could take a nostalgic journey back in time and visit the ancient Thai capital city of Ayutthaya, enjoy a truly pollution free transport by taking a ride atop an elephant. Thailand's boisterous and vibrant capital, Bangkok (City of Angels), offers historical monuments, exotic and delicious restaurants, and bargain hunting at the local Morning and Night markets. Experience the Bangkok Morning Floating markets. While Thailand attractions are many and varied, People are conservative. It is very important to always remember to respect its dress code when visiting sacred temples and other places of interest. People place a high regard on the Royalty and Buddhism. Dress modestly, women dress should cover shoulders and short-shorts should be avoided. Men should wear socks and sandals when visiting temples and wear long pants.

Recommended Places to Explore:

Chao Praya River at night

Bangkok | Pattaya | Chiangmai | Phuket | Koh Samui | Ko Pha Ngan
Getting there

Getting to Thailand is relatively easy, major airports located in Bangkok, Chiangmai and Phuket. Flights from North America take more than 16 hours and Tickets and tickets costs can be a bit expensive but a vacation in Thailand can be quite inexpensive. Thailand has some of the cheapest cities in the world and resort accommodations can be incredibly reasonable rates.


The northern part of the country due to the latitude has three seasons: Hot from March till May, Rainy from June till October and Cool from November till February. The Southern part of Thailand only has two seasons that is wet and dry. When planning a Southern Thailand vacation, remember that the seasons are not the same on both sides of the peninsula. On the West coast the Monsoon season is from April till October while the East coast experiences its wet season from September till December. The Seas are rough and very windy at this period.
In Thailand tours are often arranged according to the season. A typical Thailand tour often features a few days at one of its many beautiful and romantic beaches. The pristine sands, crystal clear scenery and dramatic scenery make these Thailand beach attractions a natural draw for those seeking a little romance. For those who love water sports there is Snorkeling, scuba diving, Sea kayaking, Wind Surfing, Para gliding of which can be enjoyed at the more popular beaches. If you're looking to spend a little quiet time on the water, there are plenty of Thailand tours that will take you to secluded beaches for a day or treat you to a five-day snorkeling adventure where you'll be able to view exotic fish including Manta rays and colorful Tropical fishes.

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