Tioman Island- Underwater Paradise

An alluring underwater Paradise


Tioman Island is tiny Tropical Island which is located some 36 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia of the state of Pahang. It is only 133.6 Sq Km. Roughly 39 km long and 12 km wide.

Tioman Island Attractions:

PADI Training School

  • The island is densely forested and is surrounded by numerous coral reefs, making it a popular Scuba Diving spot.

  • There are over 135 species of birds and 44 species of mammals.

  • There are more than 22 excellent Dive sites.

  • Get your PADI certification at one of the Dive Schools. Only certified divers are allowed to dive. Some dive centers offer comprehensive range of PADI dive training courses.

  • Visitors can take jungle walks or go scuba diving to enjoy nature closely. The dense forest is a habitat for many kinds of fauna and flora. One of the highlights is turtle watching and the walking catfish.

  • There are fantastic picnic spots with cascading waterfalls.

  • The crystal Clear water and rich Marine Eco-System makes it a must go destination for divers.

  • If you are not into scuba then snorkeling or just laze and work on your tan.

  • Numerous Shipwrecks-famous for two WW2 wreck HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse.

  • Golfing enthusiasts would love the 18 hole Tioman Island Golf Club spectacular view of the South China Sea amidst the swaying palm trees.

This is a Nature Lover's paradise. There are Snorkeling and Sea sports such as Wind surfing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing and Swimming available. The Islands on the most part is virgin un-spoilt Tropical Jungle. The beaches are lovely comprising of very fine sand. The waters are crystal clear and visibility can extend up to 8 meters. There is also abundant Marine and wild life and jungle trekking and boat excursions are interesting activities and provides breathtaking views of the island. There are also beautiful Soft Coral formations all around the Island. The whole Islands and the surrounding seas is a designated Marine Park. So please observe all the Park rules and regulations posted there and follow the guides and instructors' briefing. There is no social life at night. So Visitors get together and organize parties on the Beach. The Island is Duty-free so Beer, liquor and cigarettes are really cheap.


Average Temperature 25C to 28 C. Sea Temperature hove around 28C most of the time. Avoid Monsoon months of November till February. Best Months are from March to September.

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