The Best of Magical Bali.


Mention Bali Island, it invokes romance, carefree, peaceful beaches and a calming effects. Bali is one of the few Islands that has it all in one place. It is one of the Best Tropical Island Destinations in the World. Awesome waves super for Surfing. Great Beaches, Great Sea, Great Food, Great Accommodations, Culture and great People. If you prefer a laid back tranquil Vacation this is the Place. Bali Island is located between Java Island in the west and Lombok Island on the East. The provincial capital city is Denpasar. The size is 150 Km by 150 Km an area about 5,632 Sq. Km. The people of Bali are unique. While the rest of the Country are Muslims, Bali is predominantly Hindu. Every sphere of Balinese culture and practice has Hindu influence. The population of Bali is about three million. Much of their practices are community based. Balinese culture is best known for its Dance, Music, Drama and Sculpture.

Some Bali Attractions:

Kuta Beach Bali

  • Kuta Beach -Center of Activity on Bali Island. Beautiful long white sandy beaches and excellent choices for Resorts and restaurants. Great surfing site

  • Canggu Beach -great for sunbathing- get the lovely tan. perfect Beach for sun worshippers.

  • Canggu Reef -This reef break has a reputation as the regional classic wave and you should ride it while in Bali. It has both Rights and Lefts but the lefts are much better than the rights, the waves can be very fast but the ride is usually short.

  • Keramas -This beak is most suited for experienced surfers. This is a traditional break, the waves are powerful and fast.

  • Balinese Dance and Drama-most Balinese Dance and Drama performances are held in the evenings. Get to observe the Fire Dance ,where the Girl dancers in trance dance on hot glowing coal pit.

  • Lombok Island - About 60 Km away is unspoilt yet and offers spectacular natural beauty in a rather uncrowded relaxed pace. A wonderful place for snorkeling.

  • Temple Tours- visit uniquely Balinese Hindu Temples.

Situated along the equator, Bali has a tropical climate, with two distinct monsoonal wet and dry seasons. The central highlands are cooler. Temperatures vary little throughout the year; the average daily temperature range is 2630C (7980F). Humidity is generally high, around 80%.
Major Airlines fly directly to Denpasar Bali. Many Flights from Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong land offer direct flights. The Island is well connected by Sea. Most visitors usually arrive at Jakarta and then take a regional airline to their destination. Bali is know the world over for its Beaches and Surfing. With beautiful white sandy beaches, the waters surrounding the island are great for sea activities, such as surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving. The diving season runs all year round. Best times are between April to December where one can observe Sharks, Sunfish and Pelagic fish. A popular diving site is the 60 meter drop Tulamben Wall, where one can observe the giant 3.5 meter Purple Gorgonian. Generally one get to see a huge variety of marine life. Accommodations are available from Resort to backpacker minimalist type dormitories. There so many Things to do here even two weeks is insufficient!!. Bali an unforgettable vacation destination.

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