Siem Reap Lake Tonle-sap bird Scantuary

Bird Watchers' Paradise


Lake Tonle-Sap is the Largest Fresh Water Lake in South East Asia. The mighty Mekong River flows through it. It acts a giant flood basin providing a habitat for a wide variety of Animals, Birds and Fishes. During the Dry Season it is only 250 Sq. Km but during the Rainy Season it swells to 16,000 Sq. Km. It remains one of the few remaining undisturbed flooded Forests in the World. There more than 500 species of fishes and more than 200 species of Large Birds, some of which are threatened Species. This Complex Eco-system is vital for the survival of all the species. There are three Sanctuaries, the Prek Toal, Ang Trapeang Thmor and Ang Trapeang Thmor Crane Sanctuary. The Prek Toal Sanctuary is closer to Siem Reap Town. It is a Bird Watchers Paradise.

Tonle-Sap Bird Sanctuary Attractions:

Tonle sap Bird Sanctuary

  • The Bio-sphere covers 31,282 Hectares.

  • Milky Stork.

  • Grey-headed fish Eagle.

  • Painted Stork

  • Spot Billed pelican.

  • Cranes

  • Black Headed Ibis

Visitors wanting to visit the bird sanctuary usually arrive via Siem Reap town as the Siem Reap International Airport is close by. Most travel arrangements can be made via the hotel or guest house you are staying in. The Boat trip to the Prek Toal Environmental Research Station costs between USD35 to USd45 return per person. There are also basic overnights accommodation at the Research Station. Staying overnight allows you to take full advantage of the Dawn and sunset viewing hours. The Research Station also conduct guided boat tours of the sanctuary. The cost is between USD15 to USD25 per person. The best Viewing season is in the dry season where flocks of migratory birds congregate here. As the dry season progresses the lake recedes and more Birds come to roost and breed but travel by Boat becomes difficult due to navigation in the shallow waters.

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