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Lot of Visitors often overlook Cambodia while in South East Asia. While in Cambodia most of the time Visits are to Angkor Wat Temple complex and Phnom Penh only. The size of the Cambodia is about 181,035 Sq. Km. It shares its Eastern border with Vietnam, Western border with Thailand and North-Eastern with Laos. Cambodia has a rich ancient History. Records show a civilization from 1 AD. It was part of the Funan Empire. According to Chinese records in the 3rd or 4th Century Indian influence was extended to Funan. Hindu customs, legal code and Writing Characters were introduced. From the 5th Century till the 15th Century Cambodia was a dominant country in South East Asia. Innovation in agricultural production, water management introduced by the Hindu King Jayavarman made Cambodia a prosperous country. Trade between Indian and Chinese traders flourished. Magnificent Temple buildings such as the Angkor Wat were built around this time. Political events in Cambodia and colonization by Western powers put Cambodia thru a Dark Period. the worse was the Khmer Rouge - known infamously for the "Killing Fields".

Cambodia attractions:

Angkor Wat Temple Complex

Siem Reap - Tonle Sap Bird sanctuary | Angkor Wat | Phnom Penh city| Sihanoukville - beach town |
Getting there

The country is connected by Air, Road and Sea. Many international airlines fly into Phnom Penh and Siem Reap International airports.


The climate is primarily Tropical with seasonal Monsoon rains. There is distinctly dry season from November to March. From March to October is the Rainy season. The Largest inland Lake Tonle Sap swells from 2700 Sq. Km to 16,000 Sq. Km. Tonle Sap is a vital lifeline in the country. The Mekong rivers flows through it to the South China Sea. Large parts of the lake is navigable.
Cambodia is a place with marvelous temples and home to the Great Khmer Civilization. A Value for Money Asian Destination. You can Fly into Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok and then get on a Budget Airline to Cambodia. It is a generally safe, friendly and easy going place although in the outskirts late nights out should be avoided. Make it your Vacation Choice.

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