Angkor Wat Temple Complex

Angkor Wat 7th. Wonder of the Ancient World.


Angkor Wat Temple complex lies some 5.5 Km from the town of Siem Reap. It is close to the Siem Reap International Airport. During Landings and Take-off provides you can catch spectacular aerial views of the Angkor Wat Temple Complex. This Stunning Historical and Sacred Temple Complex was built between AD 802 to AD 1220. The Great Ancient Civilization of the Khmers were able Administrators and Builders. The Temple was built to serve the Community and Subjects of the King. On the contrary it was not built to honor the King but the Hindu God Vishnu. King Suryavarman II started the initial Design and King Jayavarman VII made it the State Temple. In the 13th. Century King Srindravarman who was a Buddhist Monk decided to convert it to a Buddhist Temple. To this day it remains as a Theravada Buddhist Temple Site. There are various reasons Angkor Wat was abandoned, the primary reasons could be due to Wars but a recent Scientific study shows it could be due to climatic change and a disruption of constant water supply, which was vital for the Khmer Agricultural economy.

Angkor Wat Attractions:

Angkor Wat Temple Complex Ruins

  • The Temple of Angkor Wat-This architectural masterpiece is 173 meters (570 feet) wide by 6.4 Km(4 miles) long. It is listed as a world Heritage site.

  • Bayon- This enormous Temple covered by Bass-relief carvings on stone is over 3,936 feet long. It was built king Jayavarman VII.

  • Bakong- This Temple is shaped like a large Pyramid and is over 54.8 Meters(180 feet) long.

  • Banteai Srei- Carved using Pink sandstone and comprises of several buildings. A superb fine Architecture.

  • Preah Ko- A late 9th. Century Temple about 10 miles from Siem Reap.

  • Baphuon - Houses a massive 40 Meters(131 feet) Statue of the Buddha.

  • Ta Prohm- A beautiful Temple surround by a moat built around the 12th. Century.

The Temple Archaeological Park is open from 0500 hrs till 1800 hrs Daily. The Adult Entrance fee for a a day is USD20. For Children under 12 years of age it is free. You can catch Beautiful sunrise if you get there before 0600 hrs. and catch the sunset at about 1800 hrs. This Architectural wonder is definitely worth a visit is your lifetime!.

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